Organic Certified - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, RBD Coconut Oil, Popcorn Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Copra Cake, and Copra Meal

Celebes is a primary source for the "Organic Certified" Virgin Coconut Oil RBD Coconut Oil, Crude Coconut Oil, Cochin Oil, and its by-products like copra cake, copra meal, coconut flour, and coconut acid oil.

The company is the country's leading supplier of highly diversified quality coconut products.

The company’s first Coconut Oil Mill and Refinery was erected in 1992 and initially started producing 3,000 metric tons of coconut oil per month and has since then expanded. All of it production is exported worldwide.

Celebes continues to create ripples, not only because of its infrastructure investments to support its diversified product lines but, most importantly, due to the fact that it seeks excellence in its product quality standard and the continuing training within the ranks of its management and production employees.

Celebes chooses to embark on its highly strategic business decisions. Among these is the Organic Certification for its products. Celebes is the first to obtain "Organic Certification" in 1997 for its banana and coconut products including its banana chips, desiccated coconut, virgin coconut oil, RBD coconut oil, crude coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water, coconut juice, and its by-products including the coconut flour, copra cake, and copra meal.

As an Organic Certified coconut oil supplier, Celebes has assured itself of an excellent position within reach of the global market.


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