Organic Certified - Coconut Cream

Organic Coconut Water and Coconut Juice is the liquid found inside the fresh coconut. It is processed using the latest technology to preserve the refreshing quality and flavor of natural coconut water. It makes a delicious thirst-quenching drink and can be used as juice base for beverage when mixed with the other fruit flavors. It is tasty, and full of the salts, sugars and vitamins needed by athletes. What could be better than a natural beverage product with the delicate aroma, taste, drinking characteristics and the utritional value of pure and fresh coconut water and juice, and all the functional characteristics required of a sports drink.

Coconut water has been used for rehydration and as a health and beauty aide in tropical regions around the world for centuries. It is low in fat and calories, has no cholesterol, has a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium-making it a healthy electrolyte drink.

The calming,cooling benefits of coconut water relieves burning sensation and hot flashes and “restores emotional stability in menopausal women”. This property of coconut water also makes it an excellent choice for liver problems, hepatitis or inflammation. Other medicinal properties coconut water reported are oral rehydration medium, kills intestinal worms, checks urinary infection, effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones, aids the quick absorption of the drugs and makes their concentration in the blood easier by its electrolytic effect.

Our special harvesting and processing procedures allow us to package and pasteurize the natural Coconut Water that are biologically pure, with no need for adding any preservatives. Exquisitely tasting and full of all the natural fluids, vitamins, nutrients, sugars, minerals and salts demanded and needed by everyone of all age groups.

It is a natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. It’s the fluid of life.

Coconut Water is fat free, naturally low in calories, and has no cholesterol.


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